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desert daydream.

i’ve been daydreaming about a road trip to the desert with my nearest and dearest. perhaps all of this cold weather is making me crave the warmth of the desert and my closest companions. in my daydream, a girl finally gets to wear couture instead of f21! i may never own the items in this set- but that’s the beauty of daydreams. i get to dream the impossible fashion dream!i created my first set on polyvore… i think this could turn into an addiction. it’s such a fun site!

these designer pieces would be in my suitcase and of course all my friends would be outfitted in couture as well… first class all the way! i think this would be the perfect palm springs attire, don’t you agree?

desert daydream

retro inspiration.

i love this harper’s editorial featuring bette franke. i am sort of obsessed with her at the moment. the photo shoot was set in palm springs which is another place i have been fascinated with lately. i’ve always admired the mid-century, ultra modern architecture and the abundance of palm trees. there is actually a tour coming up called modernism week which features all of the sleek, modern homes of palm springs. the funny thing is, i grew up in southern california and hardly ever went to palm springs, but now i cannot stop thinking about laying poolside with brian and my dearest friends. all the while feeling the warmth of the sun kiss my skin (with the protection of spf 150++ because i’m as white as snow!). this editorial evokes a retro feel and is also a reminder of home- so i gravitated to it right away.

now for the fashion: i love the tailored pieces, high-waisted skirts, and i absolutely adore the black lipstick! the combination of orange, green, black, and cream work together so luxuriously and are perfectly retro. and oh my god, the shoes… each pair are to die for! i love the fashion fantasy that editorials bring. enjoy!

all images from fashion gone rogue

on the edge of inspiration.

i have been spending far too much time admiring the editorials on fashion gone rogue. i need to set a time limit for how long i allow myself to sit on fashion blogs. seriously, it’s addicting! for some reason, i’ve been drawn to dark, edgy editorials lately. it must be my current obsession with all things dark and leather.

all photos from fashion gone rogue.

chasing kate.

i’ve desired the perfect leather jacket for a while but i simply couldn’t find one with the right fit at the right price. i was also engaging in the leather versus pleather debate. i wasn’t sure how often i would wear it, so i settled for purchasing a pleather version from f21 (previously posted). i really like that jacket- but after searching for leather jackets and finding these photos i’m not quite sure my wardrobe can survive without the perfect motorcycle jacket. so let the hunt officially begin!

until i find it, i can enjoy these inspiration photos (and my cheapie from f21). i hope you enjoy these too! no one works a leather jacket better than kate. <3

kate in leather. 

eddie in oliver peoples.

this is my friend eddie owning it in his new oliver peoples sunglasses.  i cannot even begin to describe how hot these sunglasses are. they are almost as hot as the man wearing them, but not quite. these sunglasses are a classic addition to his accessory collection and they frame his face perfectly. these timeless sunnies were definitely worth the splurge!

eddie has immaculate style and owns a collection of amazing sunglasses, including vintage armani (i will have to ask him to model those next). his boyfriend ryan (or lady shriver) wanted to get these sunglasses for him for christmas and when sunglass hut couldn’t deliver, they headed over to bloomingdale’s where this photo was taken. love this photo!

eddie looks so hot in his new sunglasses! doesn’t he make you want to go shopping for some new sunnies?!

photo by lady shriver.