at home.

brian’s cookbooks/ measuring cups-anthropologie/ teacups-thrifted/ bowl-ikea

i’ve been quite the homebody lately. i’ve just been staying in reading, watching movies, figuring out how to cook, and organizing the apartment. i suppose this is all really quite therapeutic. anyway, here are some of the details from around our humble lil’ apartment.

1. fresh flowers: i really love getting fresh flowers and placing them in small vases throughout the apartment. i think that they add color to the space and make the apartment feel more lively. honestly, i don’t even care if they’re filler flowers. i just love the colors and the softness of the petals. and for five bucks at whole foods or trader joes, they can transform a room affordably. it’s all about the little things.

also, it was when i was buying these flowers that i was sent this wonderful surprise from my amazing friend amy!

2. cats: our cats make me feel calm and relaxed. they just lay around all day without a care in the world and when i get home from a stressful day they put a smile on my face and help me relax. i love my lil’ fluff balls.

3. cocktails: as i have mentioned before, i’m a vodka girl! however, this recipe from bon appetit allows for vodka, whiskey, or gin. although the one pictured is made with ketel one,  i made one with whiskey for brain and it was super yummy. it’s comprised of muddled mint, lemons, liquor of choice, and simple syrup (i used agave nectar). these cocktails are a labor of love but delicious!

4. snacks: when i went down to visit my friends chime and zuhair, they prepared the best snacks and meals. not only did everything taste amazing, but it was all aesthetically pleasing as well. i was inspired to make some snacks from the things i tried while staying with them. as i previously mentioned before- i fell in love with the goat cheese stuffed dates. they are great because they can really work as a appetizer or dessert. mmm, good!

5. kombucha: i’m totally obsessed with kombucha. this stuff can really break the bank especially when drinking them daily. so brian is soliciting the help of a friend to teach us how to make our own at home. we shall see how that goes. until that happens we will keep buying them by the case! i love em’, love ‘em, love ‘em!

6. cooking: i’ve decided to try my hand at cooking. saturday night i made dill salmon coupled with quinoa, kale, parsnips and carrots. it was good and healthy. i can’t wait to try some new recipes and hopefully i’m successful in making them. i tend to get a little upset when i ruin recipes. :( my goal is to keep trying even when i fail.

7.organization: i’m on mission organization in our apartment. i’ve really been trying to edit my closet and other random non-necessities in our apartment. the last photo is of the top our microwave which we use as a storage space for cookbooks, measuring cups, and produce. i like that we saved some much needed counter space! we need to save all the space we can.


the story behind the frog:

i have always been a fan of pins. lately i’ve gone from a pin fan to full-fledged pin stalker, especially after i found this frog pin at the jcrew factory store in napa. i was digging through a canister of sale accessories and found it for 3 dollars! i adore it. now i’m always on the hunt for adorable pins.

actually the day i wore this outfit we went thrifting and i picked up three vintage pins. i’m currently mad about pins and on the lookout for a turtle to add to the collection. :)

sweater/froggy pin: jcrew factory  dress: forever 21 (only 10.80 and super cozy/versatile) bag: gap shoes: steve madden pembrook  sunglasses: anthropologie

so many of my friends and my husband alike are openly opposed to the sunglasses i’m wearing in this post. brian can’t stand them! he always says, “they make your eyes look too close together.” no matter how many times i try to sell them, he’s just not having them. amy said “i think you’ve got guts wearing those.” and anne said “they’re not my favorite. that’s for sure.” but i have to say i still love them to pieces! so despite all comments to the contrary, i think these sunglasses are lovely. they’re keepers, even if my eyes look too close together!

sunny sunday.

jacket/circle skirt: f21 (similar skirt here sweater: gap  cami: vintage  shoes: seychelles  sunglasses: anthropologie  pin: gifted  watch: michael kors  earrings: nordstrom  navy tights  lipstick: clinique red hot  same ol’ bag: banana republic (gifted)  bangle: thrifted

just dropping by to say have a wonderful weekend and easter sunday. it looks like we will be spending our easter sunday in dolores park with dear friends. it is going to be so much fun! here’s hoping for some warm and sunny weather. i tell ya, sf weather is so unpredictable which makes choosing outfits challenging. traveling to sf? here’s a tip, carry a big bag stuffed with a scarf, sweater, and tights if you are wearing a skirt. when the temperature drops… it DROPS! :)

have a wonderful weekend with friends and family!

from paris with love.

skirt: vintage (gifted)  booties: jeffrey campbell  tank: h&m  watch: michael kors  hat: forever 21  sunglasses: anthropologie

my piece of paris…

this skirt is the closest i’m getting to paris for a while (sigh). i’m so grateful for this skirt though. one of my best friends, chime (click the link to see her awesome blog), found this ravishing piece at a flea market in paris and when she was ready to retire it she gave it to me! i will cherish this skirt forever. everything about it is beautiful: the color, the sheen, the fabric, the fit! thanks, chime… you are the best- best friend a gal could ask for. i’m a lucky girl!

20 days to freedom!

sweater: vintage (a gift from chime)  denim: levi’s  jacket: old navy  booties: lucky brand  belt/bracelet: jcrew (similar belt on sale here)  earrings: nordstrom  watch: micheal kors  sunglasses: anthropologie

not to toot my own horn, but i’m happy to say that i have made it over half way through my challenge without buying any clothing, not even a pair of socks! the challenge was 45 days without buying clothes, accessories, shoes, or make-up. i have to say i’m taking more from this experience than i originally anticipated. i’m saving some money, realizing that i don’t need to buy new clothes all of the time, and that yes, my shopping habit was getting out of control. i have read many bloggers discuss how their blog led to shopping with the thought, “this would be great for the blog” in mind. i found myself doing the exact same thing! i’ll admit i almost fell off the anti-shopping wagon this week- but i overcame the impulse and felt stronger as a result. upon finishing this challenge, my goal is to go on a serious budget and use this blog to share all of the bargains i find.

p.s. i haven’t had as many outfit posts lately because there was a bit of a camera snafu- it wasn’t the camera’s fault, but mine. oh how i love you, nikon p7000 and don’t you forget it! the issue has been resolved and i’m so happy to be back in outfit post action!

 i hope you had a wonderful week and that your weekend is even better!

wish me luck in the final stretch!

-aimee lynn.

back in action.

dress/coat/tights: forever 21 (similar coat on sale here)   booties: steve madden pembrook in cognac (on sale here)  turtleneck: gap  sunglasses: anthropologie watch: michael kors  bag: banana republic (similar bag: splurge here – bargain here)

 yesterday brian and i were going to meet some friends in russian hill. i wanted to wear something warm, cozy, and colorful. i absolutely love this coat i’ve had for several years and often forget about. it’s nice shopping in my own closet because i’m wearing things that i love, yet used to ignore to wear newer items. this yellow coat is an oldie but goodie! what do you have in your closet that you love but abandoned? i say: pull it out and wear it! put those lovelies back in action!

have a restful sunday!

-aimee lynn.

retail rehab.

street style basics

denim: f21  shoes: f21  v-neck tee: american apparel  sunglasses: anthro (similar here)  jacket: old navy (similar here) bag: banana republic

my old, haggard flats from f21 that i refuse to stop wearing. they are so comfortable!

it’s been a little over two weeks since my retail rehab began. i’m seriously beginning to question my survival… even as i was adding links to this post i was totally tempted by all the cute things on f21’s site. the reason for the rehab was to a) save money and b) to wear things in my closet and stop feeling the need to buy new clothes all of the time. honestly, at this point i’m already counting down the days. 27 days left. let’s just hope i don’t go on a serious binger come march 22nd!

a note on the green jacket: i love these green jackets. i know everyone and their mama has this jacket or something similar… as they should. i have three different versions (slightly ridiculous perhaps, but they all fit a lil different). i swear they are the gifts that keep on giving. these jackets go with everything! what item of clothing are you obsessed with and can’t live without?

down south.



sunglasses: anthropologie shoes: american apparel

cityscape: downtown riverside.



cupcakes from my sister’s surprise birthday party!

sisterly love: it’s always a treat to see my sister. gosh, i miss her already!


shirt: f21 (purchased before my shopping hiatus) necklace: gifted from brian

boots: lucky brand

i LOVE these sunglasses!

true love.

brian and i are originally from riverside, california. we went down for a brief visit for my sister’s birthday. it was a lot of fun filled with food, family, and photos. the only downside was not being able to see all the people we love and miss. so that only means we will have to go back and visit soon. it was a really nice visit, but it is always nice to get home. we really missed our furry babies and the hustle of sf… it’s good to be home!

have a good week!