DIY: yellow desk.

hello yellow…


 after… cost plus world market owl measuring cups | anthropologie vase | retro replica chair  | target lamp | random mason jars | ikea plant pots | target pillow

well here’s my first diy! it was just a matter of sanding, priming, and painting. but it still took a bit to get the photos posted because well, i’m a lagger. anyway, the project was pretty simple and actually kinda therapeutic. sometimes when i feel stressed i find that painting or redecorating (or shopping… eek. yep, already failed my shopping hiatus) helps. one thing i would suggest is getting decent brushes- something i went cheap on. it’s such a pain when the bristles get stuck in the paint and then need to be removed which leads to repainting. i won’t make that cheapie decision again. better brushes next time!



this weekend was spent sanding down, priming, and painting our desk (i did it all myself and i’m kinda proud. brian is pretty proud too). the paint isn’t even dry yet and i’m already planning out how to organize all the goods, add greenery, pops of color, and light. i’ll have to post before and after photos when the job is done!

life lately.

il_570xN.2628031321. best friend morning roast. 2. love map. 3. succulents at paxton gate. 4. steven alan seaside parka for nyc (sadly, not happening). 5. chair obsession. 6. sunday breakfast at boogaloo’s. #goodlife.

the garden inside.

on sunday brian and i went to the beach and dropped by a little garden afterward where i snapped these photos. as i was looking at them i couldn’t help but gaze at the colors and wish we could redecorate the apartment! the hues are just so tranquil. mid century + raw elements.
naturally, i hopped on polyvore and found dream pieces inspired by the colors and textures in the garden. i would like to incorporate more raw elements in our apartment and create an organic feel by adding more plants, wood grain, and glass. we really need a terrarium. so what do you think of bringing the outside in?
p.s. i love these picks from cayce of for the roses. check out her awesome blog!

sunday stew.

the ingredients! 

i LOVE these owl measuring cups my bestie anne got for me. thanks, anne! 

this weekend sf decided to have a sunny disposition. even though i was hoping for rain it’s always nice to have warm and sunny days in the city. despite the warm weather i still wanted to make some veggie stew and that i did! our friends amy and rachel came over to join us. so we all enjoyed dinner together while listening to black heart procession and fleetwood mac records. it was really nice and relaxing. the stew was delicious which made me quite happy! i also whipped up some virgin watermelon mint mojitos and they were super refreshing.

here’s the recipe for the stew:

2 containers of imagine organic vegetarian broth

2 leek stalks

1 onion

lots of carrots (7-9 depending on the size)

lots of red and white skin potatoes (6-8)

1 bunch of kale

1 bunch of chard

1 cup of green beans

2 cups of fresh corn

salt, pepper, and thyme to taste

the stew was hearty and healthy. success! :D

here kitty kitty.

cream puff and the scratch post she never uses (she prefers the chair).

blouse: madewell (extra 25% off sale price!)

denim: gap 1969 always skinny

necklace: gifted from/designed by chime

wedges: born concept (want these!)

good morning! these photos were snapped friday afternoon right before i was about to head out for a laid back evening of sushi and drinks. i really wanted to have our kitties in the photos. let’s just say there weren’t many photos to choose from because bowie bathed pretty much the entire time (she’s so cute!) and she wasn’t exactly feeling it. cream puff hates really dislikes being held, although in the last photo she made it appear for a split second as if it didn’t bother her too much. after that split second she poked a little hole in my new shirt. gosh darn kitties! i love them no matter what shirts they poke holes in or how many pieces of furniture they destroy (not that it thrills me). i have to admit i’m jealous that i’m off to work and they get to nap all day… lucky girls!