in the rose garden (part two).

i couldn’t resist adding another one of our fuzzy friends. we took far too many photos of the squirrels but they were so dang cute that we couldn’t resist. 


vest: thrifted (similar here)

pants: gap (similar here)

booties: sam edelman

hat/belt: h&m

tee: american apparel acid washed

hey everyone! as i mentioned here brian, amy, and i went to the morcom municipal rose garden on sunday afternoon where they sipped on beers and i sipped on coca cola classic. i definitely recommend checking out this delightful garden! my plan is to return in may for a picnic when the flowers have just blossomed and are flourishing as far as the eye can see. the garden is peaceful, beautiful, and tucked away in a quaint oakland neighborhood. oh and another awesome point to acknowledge is that it’s free! which is always a plus in my book and i’m sure i’m not the only one. i’m not going to lie, the past few weeks have been stressful to say the least. so as i mentioned here i have been a major homebody which has allowed me to nest and decompress. but when i do decide to get out, i want to take in the fresh air and take in some scenic pleasures which fortunately there is a surplus of in the bay area.

amy was nice enough to let me take some style photos of her while we walked through the rose gardens. truth be told, i would love to use this blog to not only showcase my personal style, but to show a variety of perspectives on style and fashion- friends and strangers alike. here’s the problem: i don’t have the guts to ask people on the street. i think that the mission district (my neighborhood!) has some of the best street style in the city (oh, hayes valley has some stylish gals and gents as well). i guess i’m going to have to try to work up the courage to ask people and have them not think i’m a total weirdo. until that happens, if it ever does, i’m lucky enough to have some very stylish friends that give me permission to photograph them and post their sartorial choices. as far as amy’s look is concerned, i really appreciate this casual menswear inspired look, from the laid back cotton slack-style pants to the denim vest to the ankle booties. it’s a great look for her and it has inspired me to try some menswear inspired looks. these looks are all the rage right now! i love trends that are timeless and classic, reemerging time and time again and menswear inspired styles definitely meet that criteria.

i hope you enjoyed seeing amy’s outfit. she definitely has great personal style!

coral and gold: a love affair

sunday i met some friends for brunch at stacks in hayes valley (note: they have the best wheatgerm blueberry pancakes ever!). i was really excited to wear my new coral pants and carry my new gold clutch- purchased on super sale. this outfit was all about my love affair with pairing coral and gold. i love the combination! ever since i started this blog, i have developed a love for all things glittery- especially bags and shoes. i really wanted some glittered loafers, but they were way too expensive. so i was super ecstatic about finding the clutch (additional 30% off of the sale price). that is one thing to know about me, i rarely pay full price for clothes and accessories. although most of what i buy is on sale, i still think my shopping habit may be getting a little out of control… which leads me to my next point.

i’ve been thinking about axing my shopping habit altogether… well, for a little while anyway. i’m thinking about putting myself to the ultimate anti-shopping test (okay- ultimate may be a lil dramatic): a 30 day challenge in which i cannot purchase any articles of clothing or accessories. two months would be even better, but i’m not going to get too crazy especially since i’m still in the consideration stage. the question is, am i really prepared for the challenge? i’m not quite sure i’m there yet. brian said no one would ever know if i didn’t make it and i responded with, “i have more integrity than that!” we had this conversation a couple of weeks ago and i’m still noncommittal even though it was my idea. perchance i’m an addict and need to sign up for shopaholics anonymous! what do you think? can i make it?

clutch: jcrew shoes: sam edelman (on super sale  heredenim: zara chiffon blouse:f21

watch: michael kors (gifted) sunnies: ray ban

the dress.

this is my new favorite dress! my in-laws, whom i love dearly, got it for me for christmas. i love the missoni inspired print and the fact that it was nowhere near missoni prices. the title of this post is an allusion to the blonde redhead song called, none other than, “the dress”. they are probably my favorite band of all time. i’m seriously obsessed with kazu (as most of my closest girlfriends are): her style, her voice, her overall presence. check out her dress in the video… she always wears the best dresses! she’s definitely a style icon in my eyes.

dress:f21 (similar here and here)  shoes:sam edelman (select sizes are only 40 bucks here) sunglasses: ray ban

don’t let the dress trick you…


tears you see on my face, you do have something to do with
fear starts creeping up when you have so much to lose
your love waits you while you’re cheating
lightning strikes you when you’re moving
the light you see in my eyes, you do have something to do with
play the game namely love, play it like you have nothing to lose
horse loves you when you move with him
people hate you when you’re changing

don’t let the dress trick you
i love you less now that i know you
i won’t count the scars again
i love you less now that i know you

the glow you see on my face, you do have something to do with
fear starts creeping up when you have so much to lose
your love waits you while you’re cheating
lighting strikes you when you’re moving

don’t let me wonder away
i love you less now that i know you
don’t let the dress trick you
i love you less now that i know you

i won’t count the scars again
because i love you

heart of hearts.

here’s anne again (previously posted in some red hot pants). she is such an amazing friend. i’m so lucky to have met her.

she’s such a stylish gal… i love how she layered her heart t-shirt over a striped dress. it has been much colder in sf lately, so it’s all about layering! and she’s doin’ it, and doin’ it, and doin’ it well…

t-shirt/dress/leggings: h&m   boots: sam edelman   jacket: fossil   sunglasses: anthropologie