inspired by the 90’s.

booties: lucky brand jeans/shirt: zara tank: mossimo/target sunnies: ray ban earrings/bracelet: gifted

okay, so anne’s not wearing doc martin’s and a baby doll dress. however, this outfit still reminds me of the nineties, which she and i are tremendously obsessed with: the music, the style, and when the real world was still cool. oh, how she and i have had many a conversation about what a huge mistake it was that we got rid of our docs! we both had them for many years and wore them daily. Sure, they were beyond beat, but gosh darn it we should still be rockin’ those bad boys! we started toying with the idea of buying some new ones. hmmm… still pondering.

although anne’s not wearing the quintessential nineties statement: doc martins, there’s still something about the red flannel, rolled stone-washed denim, and black-buckled ankle boots that just screams the nineties! speaking of those ankle boots, we absolutely, positively love them. jennie, of going west, one of our favorite bloggers, was wearing them in many posts and she looked amazing, as she always does. we took from inspiration and made it a reality by buying these awesome boots. if you love them as much as we do, get them on sale here, here or here!!!

needless to say, we still love and draw inspiration from the nineties. don’t you?

until next time, “i say hey, what’s going on?”

coral and gold: a love affair

sunday i met some friends for brunch at stacks in hayes valley (note: they have the best wheatgerm blueberry pancakes ever!). i was really excited to wear my new coral pants and carry my new gold clutch- purchased on super sale. this outfit was all about my love affair with pairing coral and gold. i love the combination! ever since i started this blog, i have developed a love for all things glittery- especially bags and shoes. i really wanted some glittered loafers, but they were way too expensive. so i was super ecstatic about finding the clutch (additional 30% off of the sale price). that is one thing to know about me, i rarely pay full price for clothes and accessories. although most of what i buy is on sale, i still think my shopping habit may be getting a little out of control… which leads me to my next point.

i’ve been thinking about axing my shopping habit altogether… well, for a little while anyway. i’m thinking about putting myself to the ultimate anti-shopping test (okay- ultimate may be a lil dramatic): a 30 day challenge in which i cannot purchase any articles of clothing or accessories. two months would be even better, but i’m not going to get too crazy especially since i’m still in the consideration stage. the question is, am i really prepared for the challenge? i’m not quite sure i’m there yet. brian said no one would ever know if i didn’t make it and i responded with, “i have more integrity than that!” we had this conversation a couple of weeks ago and i’m still noncommittal even though it was my idea. perchance i’m an addict and need to sign up for shopaholics anonymous! what do you think? can i make it?

clutch: jcrew shoes: sam edelman (on super sale  heredenim: zara chiffon blouse:f21

watch: michael kors (gifted) sunnies: ray ban